Custom Videos

I adore filming other people’s fantasies! I’ve done many customs featuring peehole play, cervix penetration, endoscopy, catheters, speculums, and self-inflicted cunt torture. Custom videos have also introduced me to kinks I didn’t even know I was going to be into, like wetting my pants by letting a catheter leak into them or shoving as many gelatin eggs into my pussy as I could fit!

If you’re reading this page, you probably have something specific in mind, something you haven’t been able to find. I’ll try to give you all the information you’ll want to have before you reach out to tell me about it!

What's Possible?

I’m into so many things! In addition to the medical fetish, urethral sounding, and cervix play that my content often emphasizes, I also love large insertions, piss, pain of many varieties, breeding fantasies, anal play, pee desperation, ruined orgasms and other forms of orgasm control, overstimulation, D/s, and a lot more. 

I don’t do anything with scat- no judgment, just not my cup of tea. I also don’t do anything involving animals (including insects) or minors. Please don’t ask me about those few things. Other than those, though, please do feel free to ask me!

I show limited parts of myself: my genitals, my hands, and endoscopic views of wherever it works to stick my endoscope. I don’t show my face or other parts of my body.

I only film solo videos. I’ll definitely let you know if that changes!

Sometimes, I have safety concerns about a video idea. I want to make sure I can keep having kinky fun indefinitely, so I don’t want to damage myself! I’ll always try to offer ideas for possible adaptations. Often, an idea can be modified to fit my risk tolerances without losing the qualities that make it so sexy to imagine!

Kind Words from Past Buyers


5 minutes ~ $50

10 minutes or more ~ $7/minute

exclusivity (video will not be released on my clip sites) ~ additional fee of $100

Please note that if a video requires specific supplies or extended time filming, I may need to add additional charges. I’ll let you know if this is the case!

How Long Will It Take?

For most projects, I can get your custom video to you within two weeks- often sooner! 

If I’ll be ordering special supplies for your video, the two week delivery period will begin when I receive the supplies. I’ll discuss this with you before you order, and will keep you updated on when I receive the crucial parcel & any shipping delays.

Occasionally, an especially ambitious project will require multiple filming days or time-consuming editing, and we’ll need to plan for it to take more than two weeks. Of course, we’ll talk about that before you order!

While You're Thinking About Ordering...

Just in case you haven’t bought any of my videos in the past, I’d like you to be certain that you enjoy the style of content I create before you order a custom video!

One easy way to do that is to check out my ManyVids clipstore, where I have a number of free clips. Simply use the dropdown menu at the far right to select “free” and see all the videos I’ve made available totally free!

On the right is a screenshot of where you’ll find this menu on the desktop site.

screenshot of my ManyVids clipstore showing selection of free videos

How to Order

The custom video ordering system on ManyVids is the one I usually like best. I particularly appreciate that they hold your payment in escrow until I’ve created your video and sent it off- I don’t get paid until I’ve made the video! That protects both of us: you know that you’ll get what you paid for, and I know that I’m only spending my time making custom videos for people who are serious about buying them. 

If you don’t use ManyVids but we’ve been talking on another platform, like Fansly, you’re welcome to order there! Simply message me to start a conversation about what you’re looking for.

Do you have an idea that involves consensual kink but you’re not quite sure if we can discuss it on adult platforms with their labyrinth of rules? Send me an email through my contact form below, and I’ll let you know the best way for us to make our sexy plans!

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