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You can find the core details about ordering a custom video from me on my customs ordering page on ManyVids, but if you’d like to hear more, you’re in the right spot!

I adore filming other people’s fantasies! I’ve done many customs featuring peehole play, cervix penetration, catheters, speculums, and self-inflicted cunt torture. Custom videos have also introduced me to kinks I didn’t even know I was going to be into, like wetting my pants by letting a catheter leak into them or shoving as many gelatin eggs into my pussy as I could fit!

A latex catheter extends out of the fly of my sopping wet dark grey boxer briefs, as I hold the end and let it drip. An inset image shows an endoscopic view of my emptying bladder.

I’ve been delighted to get feedback from pleased buyers, saying things like…

Oh, my goodness! This was truly a pleasure to watch! I enjoyed the first video immensely but this one steamrolled me.

Everytime, you do not fail to deliver the kinkiness!

You did such an amazing job and just wanted to thank you for making me a lovely custom! ❤️

Here’s how I like custom video requests to work

I wrote this up to make the process easy and answer any questions and concerns you may have. If you’ve never ordered a custom video from anyone before, welcome! By reading this, you’re already getting things off on the right foot. If you have questions about custom videos that I haven’t answered here, please do send me a note!

Other people who film custom amateur porn clips may have a different process- if in doubt, I recommend asking! This will be talking purely about what works well for me.

First, some fun: make sure you enjoy the kinds of clips I make!

If you haven’t bought any of my clips in the past, you could take a look at the free videos I’ve posted on ManyVids. Simply go to my video store on ManyVids and use the “Sort Vids” dropdown menu at the top right to select “free” and see all the videos I’ve made available totally free! Please note that I film solo & I show limited portions of myself.

Next, take a look at my customs page

Did you know that I have a page on ManyVids with lots of details on custom videos? Price per minute, different options available, how long it will take… it’s all right here!

I use ManyVids for custom orders because they hold your payment in escrow until I’ve created your video and sent it off- I don’t get paid until I’ve made the video! That protects both of us: you know that you’ll get what you paid for, and I know that I’m only spending my time making custom videos for people who are serious about buying them.

Now, let’s talk about what you have in mind

I like to have a quick conversation before you order, to make sure that I won’t have any trouble making the video of your dreams. That way, if I need to suggest any modification to the plan, for safety reasons or anything else, you can think about them before you pay.

This is also when we’ll talk about whether I’ll need to buy supplies for your video. For some videos, my shopping list has been quite esoteric, and I’ve needed to allow a little more time for shipping. Other times, I happen to already have just the thing!

To contact me about custom videos, you can send a message to my inbox on ManyVids if you’ve bought a video from me in the past, or you can always use my contact form right here on my website!

I’ll let you know when I have all the info I need, and then you can send in the order

I’m excited to get started making your fantasies into a video! Some of my favorite customs have given me the nudge to explore new kinks like glove fetish, gelatin eggs, and wetting, or reminded me of the joys of things I haven’t done in a while, like CNC fantasies, ruined orgasms, and medical roleplay. And I always love hearing buyers’ excitement and pleasure when they see what I’ve come up with! Custom videos are a collaboration where we each bring ideas, and I adore the creative process of blending these ideas together.

Ready to start planning the outlandish, fetishy porn of your dreams? Tell me all about it!

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