My Experiments with Bladder Filling Play

This post originally written in June of 2021. I now also have a post about inserting objects into my bladder and a post about colorful additions I sometimes mix into the substances below.

One of the stranger things I’ve gotten into in the past year is bladder filling play. I started with saline, then tried sterile lube, then Bad Dragon cum lube, and then began getting really weird with it and making colorful and sometimes even glittery slime to put in my bladder!

collection of bottles of lube, food coloring, and other bladder filling accoutrements

Starting with a safe(ish) approach to bladder filling

Sterile saline is the safest choice for this sort of play. If you use saline (preferably sterile saline sold for injection, rather than sold for irrigation or as an eye rinse), a sterile catheter, and sterile lube & you make sure that your equipment doesn’t touch anything that hasn’t been disinfected, the UTI risk should be extremely minimal. Filling my bladder with saline feels interesting because it’s a sudden change in how much I have to pee, and there can be a temperature difference, which is an odd feeling. However, it doesn’t really have the visual appeal of some of the other things I’ve tried!

Sterile water-based lube is fairly safe also, as long as it’s a lube you’ve used in your urethra without any irritation. I used Dynalube, which I’ve been using for years without any problems. This is fun because it can help keep things slippery when sounding all the way to the bladder, instead of having to reapply lube frequently because piss rinses away the slickness. Still not what you’d call visually arresting, though!

Making bladder filling look sexier

Cum lube appealed to me for pretty obvious reasons! When I’ve had real cum in my bladder, it was never all that visible when I pissed it out afterward. Putting cum lube in definitely makes it noticeable! Getting to see it flood out was really compelling to me.

I really wasn’t sure whether I would have UTI problems or other irritation after using the Bad Dragon cum lube. The ingredients seemed fairly inert, but it definitely contains ingredients I’ve never seen in a sterile lube. I also knew it takes more work to wash off, and that’s not a great sign for urethral & bladder use: the main reason oil-based & silicone lubes aren’t usually recommended for sounding is that anything that doesn’t rinse away could also provide a hiding spot for bacteria so that they don’t rinse away and instead have a chance to proliferate and colonize the urinary tract. I went into my first experiment with cum lube half-expecting trouble, but I was lucky and have never had any issues with it!

It may have helped that I took a few precautions when using the cum lube. I made sure to drink a lot of water both before and after, I took cranberry extract pills both beforehand and afterward, and I opened a fresh bottle of cum lube rather than using a bottle that had already been unsealed and open to the air. Even though I’m not certain they’re necessary for me, I still take these precautions, just to attempt to err on the safe side while doing something inherently risky.

half-empty bottle of Bad Dragon cum lube lying on its side

Filling my bladder with a thicker texture

The next lube I tried out was a polyethylene oxide lube- it’s a powder that you mix up with water. If you’re familiar with j-lube, it’s the same slippery active ingredient, but j-lube uses sucrose as a filler, which makes it an extremely bad choice for vaginal and urethral use- sucrose is sugar! The concentrate I use is called X Lube, and has no filler ingredients. I was reasonably confident that it would be okay for my bladder, because Bad Dragon’s cum lube also contains some polyethylene oxide.

To avoid any issues with the water I used to reconstitute it, I like to boil the water first, and I also add in salt (in the form of these packets, intended for rinsing one’s sinuses) to try to approximate an isotonic solution. (Isotonic solutions, like “normal” saline, have the same osmotic pressure as your cells and blood, so that your body doesn’t transfer water through membranes in order to equalize the osmotic pressure. This is why salt is often added to enemas, too: so that you don’t absorb a bunch of water through your colon and wind up needing to piss all the time, as well as potentially getting your electrolyte balance out of whack.)

X Lube mixes up into a clear slime that can be made extremely thick and viscous by adjusting the ratio of powder to water. The texture’s a lot of fun, but visually, we’re sort of back to the less-exciting visual of saline or sterile lube… so I started adding other things into it! I’ll talk about adventurous lube additives in a future post, and maybe you’ll have ideas for even more things to try?

If you like watching bladder filling play, I have kind of a lot of videos!

One of my current favorites is “bladderful of cum, cuntful of panties” which you can find on ManyVids & on Clips4Sale. (If you search for “bladder” in my store on either site, all the rest should show up!) On ManyVids, I also have a video bundle available with six different videos, at a discounted price.

If you’re interested in trying this in your own bladder, I’d love if you left me a comment to let me know what you think!

4 thoughts on “My Experiments with Bladder Filling Play”

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  3. Hi,

    Love your posts on bladder filling, having trouble finding info, wondered if you could help? I am planning on inserting a catheter. Then filling the cath with fresh bottle of water based lube, remove cath and wearing a diaper and then fill diaper with leaking lube.

    Is that going to work like that? Any advice appreciated.



    1. Hi, glad you’ve enjoyed my posts!

      I would recommend using a sterile lube & making sure it’s one that your mucosa tolerate well. Some people are very sensitive to the chlorhexidine gluconate in Surgilube, so unless you know for certain it doesn’t cause you any irritation, I’d avoid that particular sterile lube.

      Also, I might be stating the obvious here, but you’ll need a large irrigation syringe (no needle) and I’d recommend making sure it fits securely onto your catheter before you get started.

      Have fun!

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