Inflating my Labia with Saline

This post originally written in July of 2021

This is definitely something I want to learn more about! I’ve read what I could find on the topic, and I’ve been to a class, but I’ve only actually tried genital saline infusion once- I have a lot of exploration left!

bag of saline still in packaging, with a butterfly needle sitting beside it

Thorough information on labial saline infusion is hard to find online.

The best resource that I’ve found was the Complete Guide to Scrotal Saline Infusions written by Poney, aka Mistress Satet, of Black Rabbit Premium Leather in Australia. However, as the title indicates, this mostly covers putting saline in a scrotum, with only a brief mention of how to do the same to labia. Hard Cell has information that seems promising, but unfortunately, the links to more details are now broken.

Still, I had enough info to buy gear online and try it out!

I used two 250ml bags of isotonic saline, an IV administration set for each, and butterfly needles with tubing attached. Helpfully, the IV administration sets have printed instructions, which assured me that I was on the right track!

packaging for Exel IV administration set

The image reads, in part:

  1. Remove set from package, close clamp.
  2. Prepare I.V. container.
  3. Remove spike protector, squeeze drip chamber and insert spike through outlet hole in container.
  4. Suspend container. Set fluid by squeezing and releasing drip chamber. DO NOT FILL CHAMBER COMPLETELY.
  5. Remove protector from adapter end and attach sterile, non-pyrogenic needle. Open clamp to expel air bubbles. Close clamp.
  6. Perform venipuncture. Set flow rate by adjusting clamp.

Of course, I wasn’t doing venipuncture, since I wanted the saline in my labia, not in a vein!

The rest of the instructions were pretty much what I did, however. In the photo below, you can see the spike at the top left, still in its protective sheath. This is the part that goes into the bag of saline. The adapter end is on the right, next to the end of the butterfly needle’s tubing. Hooking it all up and letting a little saline flow through before I put the needle in myself served to get all the air out of the tubing- this is more crucial in a vein, but even for subcutaneous infusion like this, I don’t want bubbles.

IV administration set taken out of packaging, with a butterfly needle beside it

I put the needle in at a fairly shallow angle, then taped the wings down. Using an IV cannula would be slightly preferable, because then the needle could be withdrawn leaving only a tube under the skin, but I already had these butterfly sets on hand. I did try to avoid moving around while I had needles in my genitals, so that I wouldn’t cause more bruising than necessary.

I made three videos – their descriptions have even more details!

I’ve been curious about genital saline infusion for a long time, but this was my first time trying it! This video is condensed from about four hours of letting saline gradually inflate my pussy lips, so that you can see the transformation. If you’re interested in the process, complete with before-and-after, this is the perfect video for you; if you just want to see me playing with enormous swollen labia, look for my next video. In total, I wound up with half a liter of extra fluid making my cunt ridiculously big and jiggly. I learned a lot! Next time, I think I’ll try to put in double the amount of fluid, and I’ll have two saline drips going at the same time, one on each side. On this first try, I didn’t want to start two IV bags at once, for fear of being wasteful if something went wrong on a first try or if I were just not being able to fit as much liquid as I’d hoped. Now I know that this bad boy can fit so much fucking saline in it! I also learned that if it seems to be infusing slowly (like in the first spot I tried) I should go ahead and reposition the needle rather than waiting and waiting. In the second spot, you can actually see the swelling happen while I use my vibrator! I’m not sure if I’ll do this again solo, it really would have been better with company to keep me entertained, but someday I do want to go even bigger than this. I hope you enjoy the results of me spending a whole afternoon with needles in my pussy!

With half a liter of saline in my labia, making them huge and jiggly, I entertained myself playing with my bruised and swollen lips. (If you want to see the infusion process to see how this happened, check my previous video!) I shake my pussy, grab and squeeze it, pull the lips apart so they slap together, hit it with a big dildo, use that toy to fuck myself to several orgasms, smack my huge fleshy labia, and finish by peeing so that I can see how the piss trickles out between my bizarre enlarged cunt lips.

The day after I inflated my labia with saline, the lingering bruises just encouraged me to be mean to my cunt. After taking a close look and poking my bruises, I started to beat my pussy with a rubber strap, reddening my labia even more. Several stinging blows landed right on my clit, and you can hear me yelping about them. Then I lubed up a huge silicone toy- it’s as big as my fist!- and shoved it into my pussy. Stretched around the toy, I started playing with a small vibrator on my clit, but every time I was about to cum I ruined my orgasm by taking the vibrator away and smacking my clit hard with the cruel rubber strap. You can see my big clit twitching after each one, while I whimper. The fifth time was the charm: I finally let myself have an intense orgasm with the vibrator held on my clit. Finally, I slowly pushed the huge toy out of my stretched pussy.

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