Why I Prefer a Tunnel Plug for Cervix Play

Wondering what kind of toy I usually use to hold my cunt open when I’m playing with my cervix? It’s a silicone tunnel plug called the Pig-Hole, made by Oxballs, and it’s a much more comfortable option for cervix play than any speculum I’ve found so far.

view of pig hole xl, looking at it from the base

Here’s what I wrote about it in May of 2021:

The one I have is the Pig-Hole XL

It’s enormous- about the size of my fist, and my hands are not super small. The manufacturer calls the category “fuckplugs” with the idea being that you can stretch a hole wide open, and then fuck the hollow hole in the middle of the plug. Mine is actually a bit too wide for most cocks to make good contact with the sides, though! Oxballs makes one size of this model that’s even larger, but I’ve never tried it out yet. They also make a different design even bigger than that, which I’m not even sure if I could fit!

side view of Pig Hole XL, a large black tunnel plug with rounded contours

The big advantages of this plug are that my cervix pops into the hole at the end perfectly, and the silicone is flexible, so it doesn’t hurt when I squeeze and spasm around it when I cum. I do really like metal speculums, but I run into a couple problems with them: my urethra is stretched so much that it can actually hang down and get in the way of access to my cervix, and they can be quite uncomfortable if you clench around them too hard. (I’ve actually bent one of my Collins speculums that way!)

The disadvantage, of course, is that it blocks the view of almost everything except my cervix. I can’t play with my urethra while the plug is in, and even my clit tends to hide behind the rim of the plug.

It’s one of the toys I use most often in my videos, so if you like gyno content, you’ve probably seen it. Want to see how big it looks when I put it in? I have a free video on ManyVids showing it in action!

What do you think, should I try the even larger version sometime? Or should it be a higher priority for me to talk with folks who make custom silicone toys, and see if I can have something designed that has all the cervix play advantages of the Pig-Hole, but still lets me have access to my peehole?

And now, an update from September 2022:

I have three more tunnel plugs since I first wrote this! Here are all four, so you can compare my collection side by side.

four tunnel plugs of varying sizes, one purple and enormous, three smaller and black

I got the alternate design from Oxballs that I hadn’t even been sure if I could fit!

The huge purple toy is the Pighole Squeal FF, and it’s 13 inches in circumference. Just massive! And yes, it does fit. I have a free clip on ManyVids showing me trying it out! It’s a little too much of a stretch for frequent use, though, and I don’t find it to hold my cervix at an ideal angle for penetration. When I want a pussy stretching challenge, though, it’s perfect!

The other two plugs were impulse purchases

I bought them through AliExpress just to see what they’d be like, and I wasn’t expecting much from them. You can see from the more angular profile that the molds weren’t sculpted with as much attention to detail or the contours of holes.

However, they do have their uses! One interesting aspect of the smaller of the pair is that it allows access to my cervix, but the base is small enough that I can push it entirely inside my cunt, and my labia tend to close over it. You can see that happening in my video “four holes painfully used” which you can find on ManyVids or on Clips4Sale. The smallest of my tunnel plugs let me put a sounding rod into my cervix so that I could transmit electric shocks to it, but the modest size of the plug’s base meant that I still had access to my labia in order to put surgical staples in them.

My original Pig-Hole XL is still what I use most often…

…but the new additions definitely have fun uses too!

Which tunnel plug is your favorite? Have you tried any yourself?

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