What Does Cervix Play Feel Like?

This is one of the most frequent questions I get about cervix penetration and gyno play, so I wanted to answer in more detail!

Why play with your cervix?

I’m into cervical sounding because I’m into exploration, I’m curious about weird sensations, and, well, I’m really into penetration. I mean, I spent a few years getting my urethra to the point that it could take a cock, so yeah, I might like penetration as a concept as well as a type of stimulation.

clear plastic disposable duckbill speculum and a few rosebud sounds on a grey background

Doesn’t it hurt?

The feeling is sometimes painful, in a way that’s sort of like menstrual cramps, and it’s also a sensation I can’t really describe except by saying that it feels invasive. It feels internal in a way that vaginal and even urethral sensation don’t. If you’ve done ass play that goes very deep, beyond the rectum and past the sigmoid flexure (what I sometimes call “around the corner”) then you might have a point of comparison- sometimes that gives me a similar sense of it being just absurdly deep, in my abdomen rather than relating to my genitals.

All that doesn’t necessarily sound like something enjoyable, does it? And yet, even though it’s invasive and often painful, I really get off on it! I can have purely cervical orgasms, although I do cum harder and faster when I add clit stimulation.

When I’m talking with people about what cervical stimulation is like, their expectations seem to be evenly divided into two very different categories. Many people imagine my cervix to be as sensitive as my clitoris, or possibly even more sensitive. On the other hand, other folks believe that the cervix doesn’t feel anything at all. I’ve got some thoughts on where each of those ideas comes from, but that’ll be for a future post!

My cervix doesn’t (and, I believe, cervices in general don’t) have many of the receptors that pay attention to light touch, which I think are often what we think of when we think about touch sensitivity. It definitely has plenty of pressure and stretch receptors! In practice, that means that it sometimes takes me a minute to find the cervical os, since light poking doesn’t give me much feedback. But once a toy is stretching my cervix open, it’s very sensitive.

I’ve done a lot of different things to explore cervix sensation and figure out the range of things it can feel:

  • a beaded sound provides a stretching sensation with sudden pops as each little ball goes through the os (video available on ManyVids and on Clips4Sale)
  • a screw-in penis plug is a gradual stretch, intense and inexorable (video available on ManyVids and on Clips4Sale)
  • vibration isn’t as interesting on my cervix as on my clit, but I can definitely feel it (video available on ManyVids and on Clips4Sale)
  • my cervix can differentiate between true wasabi and horseradish (video available on ManyVids and on Clips4Sale)
  • an endocervical speculum gives a painful stretch without as much feeling of pressure and penetration (free video on ManyVids)
  • and I’ve even tried putting hypodermic needles in my cervix, and found that the surface sensation was almost nonexistent but there was sharp pain once each needle went in (free older video on erome – content warning: blood)

This list isn’t complete in the least! I compiled it in early 2021, and my cervix has kept busy since then. If you love my cervix experiments, check the “gyno” or “med gyno” categories in my clips stores to see what else I’ve done!

2 thoughts on “What Does Cervix Play Feel Like?”

  1. Hello, I have been absolutely loving your content and I am looking to get started with cervical sounding myself. My research has been based in medical literature discussing IUD insertion and something that comes up repeatedly is the use of a tenaculum to stabilize the cervix. Would you say this is necessary?

    1. Hi! Glad you’ve been enjoying.

      I’ve only tried a tenaculum a couple times, so it certainly isn’t necessary for what I’m doing.

      I think stabilizing the cervix becomes more crucial if one is using more force to penetrate it- the harder you’re pushing, the more of a problem it would be for the cervix to move unexpectedly, right? But both the use of a tenaculum (because they have sharp tips to hold the cervix still) and using much force to penetrate the cervix seem like more physical trauma than I’d want to cause on a routine basis. I’m sure it’s fine for IUD insertion, which would typically only happen every few years, but my thinking is that it might be a bit much if it were happening weekly or even more often. This is (of course) a personal judgment call, though!

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