Sounding Toys I Love That Were Never Intended for Urethras

As I stretched my peehole more and more, traditional sounding toys quickly became too small for me. I accumulated quite a collection of butt plugs and dildos that feel amazing and provide just the right stretch. Here’s a sampling of some of my favorite sex toys for urethral use!

Fascinus Silicone "Spiralis" & Factory-D "Psygasm" & Faux Phallus "Lupine" silicone toys among ivy and fall leaves

Safety Notes

These toys weren’t created with urethras in mind- in fact, one of them was made as a novelty mini and wasn’t intended for use in orifices at all. If something goes wrong, I can only blame my own judgment, not the creators of these lovely things.

When I’m looking for a sex toy for my peehole, I want to find something that…

  • won’t scratch me: no rough spots or hard seam lines
  • won’t create too much friction: relatively smooth surface
  • can be cleaned thoroughly: vibrators need to be waterproof
  • won’t go entirely inside: has a flared base or is longer than I can insert
  • don’t have abrupt and drastic changes in diameter

I also pay attention to the materials my toys are made from

This is one reason why (apart from occasional one-time, novelty use) I buy sex toys rather than using household items. If I fall in love with how something feels in my urethra, I want to be sure I can use it over and over! That means materials which can be cleaned thoroughly (preferably by bleaching or boiling) and which do not contain any toxic chemicals.

The materials I look for in sex toys are borosilicate glass, polished surgical steel, and platinum-cure silicone. Some of my vibrators are hard ABS plastic, which is also generally considered safe. If you’d like to read more about which materials are safe for sex toys, this article at Dangerous Lilly is a good place to start, or you could also read this reddit wiki provided by /r/SexToys.

Here are some toys my urethra loves!

“Lupine” from Faux Phallus

This is the newest addition to my toy collection! Faux Phallus makes handcrafted silicone sex toys in Australia, and I had been wanting one of their gorgeous botanical designs for a long time before going ahead and putting in a custom order.

Their “Lupine” design has a sculpted texture inspired by its namesake flower and comes in two sizes. I got the 7″ model, because I thought that 9″ would be too long for me to fit all the way in. The tapered shape of this dilator toy is perfect!

My Lupine is so new that I’ve only played with it once so far! The video of that, “peehole stretch with three dilators” was released today, and you can find it on ManyVids or on Clips4Sale.

a deep purple silicone toy is lying on cement, among ivy tendrils

Fascinus Silicone

Fascinus Silicone makes impressively large, thoughtfully designed, soft silicone ass toys, and I have several of those. In addition, though, they make dildos and strokers that are more modestly sized, and some of those feel incredible in my peehole!

My “Spiralis” dildo (upper image on the right) feels so good because the taper is exactly right, the spiral gives texture without being rough, and it’s dual density so that it goes where you put it but has plenty of squishy cushioning. It appears in my video “shower routine to keep peehole fuckable” and is available on ManyVids and on Clips4Sale. And in fact, that’s where this dildo usually lives- in my shower caddy, so that it’s close at hand when I want it!

The lower photo shows a “Phallos Gripper Sucker Stroker” and it’s a delightfully dual-purpose toy. I can suction it over my big testosterone-enhanced clit and use it to jerk off, with every touch to the toy transmitted to my clit, or I can use it as a dildo in my urethra.

I have another Fascinus Silicone toy on the way right now, and can hardly wait for it to get here!

Fascinus Silicone "Spiralis" dildo lying on rusty chicken wire
Fascinus Silicone "Phallos" stroker in a mix of blues, among ivy and yarrow

“Psygasm” from Factory-D

As soon as I saw the Psygasm prototype on Twitter, I knew I wanted one. Just look at those titties emerging from the water!

I was so eager to get one as soon as possible that I set a calendar reminder to make certain I’d be able to snap one up in the first drop where they were available. This meant I had limited color choices, but I feel so lucky to have the one I got! The colors are more lovely in person than my photos can convey- they seem to shift and glimmer.

When I ordered it, I didn’t even have measurement info, so I was just hoping that the “tail” would be a good fit for my urethra!

See (and hear) what I thought of this unique creature in “peehole play with new Psygasm toy” on ManyVids or on Clips4Sale.

psygasm silicone toy standing on a moss-covered rock

hollow glass dildo from PetrichorArts

I love how smooth glass toys can be, and how they can be gently heated or cooled. The hollow glass dildo from PetrichorArts is fantastic in a whole different way, as well: it allows me to slide an endoscope right into the dildo, so that I can watch while it pushes through my bladder sphincter.

If you’d like to see my urethra from the inside, one of my favorite clips with this hollow dildo is “peehole and pussy DP endoscopy” which is on ManyVids as well as on Clips4Sale.

a hollow glass dildo with a flared opening is lying on its side and is acting as a vase for three purple geranium flowers

“DP” from Tantus

Speaking of double penetration, the “DP” dildo (formerly the “Flex”) from Tantus is a toy I’ve owned for many years. It’s a classic dildo shape, except that it has what looks like a set of anal beads protruding from the side, near the base. I’m sure I’ve tried it for its intended use, but I just don’t remember it clearly- I think the “beads” were simply too small to really make an impression on me, since my ass prefers larger toys.

In my urethra, though, it feels fantastic! The texture is lovely as I thrust it in and out, and I love how it rubs my g-spot from both sides.

If you’d like to see it in action, I show it off in “peehole DP ruined orgasms” available on ManyVids and on Clips4Sale.

a lavender Tantus Flex dildo is lying on a white background with brambles behind it


Most of the toys in this list aren’t suitable for urethras until they’ve been gradually stretched over the course of months or years. SiliconeNozzles has something to suit most peeholes, though- there are toys made for urethral use and suitable for stretching novices, as well as many “petite enema nozzles” for those of us with larger urethras. These toys are on the utilitarian side, you won’t find fancy marbles or color fades, but on a practical level they’re hard to beat. The precise measurements given for the toys and the wide range of sizes makes it easy to step up gradually as your hole stretches- which is how I wound up with so many of these!

My current favorite from my extensive collection of SiliconeNozzles toys is the one in the photo to the right, the RTDL-DBL 1.3″ rectal dilating nozzle. It’s a gentle plug that’s great when I want to put something in my peehole and leave it there a while! That’s because the subtle curves mean that there’s no worry that after an orgasm, my bladder sphincter might clamp down and refuse to let it out.

a small blue plug from siliconenozzles lies on top of fall leaves

“Dolce” from Lovense

When I got the “Dolce” (formerly “Quake”) from Lovense, I wasn’t sure how it would work out for me. I knew that I’d want to put the smaller end in my peehole, because the thicker end is just not the right shape for that hole. However, I also knew that the smaller end contains the bluetooth receiver, and is designed to be outside the body, over the clit. I had no idea whether putting it into my bladder might block the bluetooth signal. That would ruin the main point of a Lovense toy- the ability to control it remotely!

I was delighted to discover that it stays connected as long as I keep the device it’s connected to close by! And it turns out that having someone else controlling vibrations in my peehole and on my clit can make me orgasm over and over, hardly getting a chance to catch my breath in between.

My first video with someone controlling the Dolce was “stapled remote control multiple orgasms” which you can find on ManyVids or on Clips4Sale. I loved knowing that I couldn’t just pull the vibrator out!

A clip where my labia aren’t obscuring things is “peehole play hands-free with spread pussy” (available on ManyVids and on Clips4Sale) but I had to control the vibrations myself in that video. What a burden, right?

If you watch both of those, I suspect you’ll agree that it’s more exciting when I have help- and I have several other videos where I had someone else controlling my orgasms!

a hot pink double-ended vibrator, the Lovense Dolce, is on a white background with a red maple leaf lying across it

“Legacy” from Velvet Alley

The “Legacy” from Velvet Alley looks like the skull of a unicorn, and the spiraling horn feels incredible! I have this toy as a “petite” – one of their minis that aren’t intended for use. Even though it’s pretty small for me and the surface finish isn’t quite as nice as on their full-size toys, I really enjoy it.

I’d like to move up a couple of sizes and get the same model in size small, but first I need to decide what colors I like best for a custom unicorn skull. Do I want to approximate bone, or go for darker, richer colors? And don’t I want to get one of the Skeleton Keys while I’m at it?

To see the undead unicorn in action & the magical surprise it bestowed, check out “new mini in my peehole: unicorn skull” on ManyVids or on Clips4Sale.

a purple silicone unicorn skull is posed in front of crumbling rust-colored rocks

If you’d like to read more…

If your curiosity about my toys and my urethral stretching over time isn’t quite sated, you might be interested in my post about having my peehole fucked! I show a selection of the toys that helped me get there- but it still isn’t a complete view of my toy collection.

Are you just starting to stretch your own urethra, or wanting to penetrate someone else’s peehole? Don’t try to start with these toys! I recommend a set of Hegar sounds: the variety of sizes means you can figure out what diameter fits easily and go up slowly from there. If you’re finding abundant information online about sounding penises but not near as much about people with vulvas, you might also be interested in reading my post with basic sounding information for afab bodies.

And if there’s something I didn’t cover here, you can leave me a comment below!

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