Food Play Makes Me Scream (But Not For Ice Cream!)

I like to play with my food and use it in sex… but mostly in sadomasochistic ways! Instead of luxuriously sensual experiences with whipped cream, you’re more likely to see me putting hot sauce in my orifices and then wailing about it.

These are some of my favorites, with notes about how I use them and some safety considerations!

Stinging Nettles

bright green young nettles growing between mossy logs

Some would simply class nettles as botanical play, and they’re certainly not wrong. Personally, though, I enjoy nettle soup with potato too much for their food use not to be at the forefront of my mind!

Stinging nettles (Urtica dioica) grow worldwide, in moist, fertile soil. They cause pain with hollow stinging hairs which inject chemicals into the skin, a mix of histamine, acetylcholine, serotonin, and others. Formic acid (the same chemical in ant bites- formica is “ant” in Latin) is another chemical in nettles’ blend, and was thought in the past to be the main cause of the sting, but makes up too small a part of the mixture for that to be the case.

Cooking deactivates the sting, and the young leaves taste a lot like spinach. In fact, there’s a Greek pastry, hortopita, which is basically spanakopita with nettles or other wild greens in place of the spinach! Pulverizing the leaves also makes them unable to sting, because the needle-like spines are broken down, so you can also make wonderful nettle pesto if you’d rather eat them raw. This guide to foraging and cooking nettles has many more ideas.

young nettles growing in moist soil

When I get nettle stings on my hands in the process of picking them, I sometimes feel it for a few days, particularly any time I put my hands in hot water. The sting fades much more quickly when it’s on my genitals, but it also starts out much more intensely painful! In general, I find it distractingly painful for an hour or maybe two after removing the nettles, and noticeable for an hour or two more, with faint hints of throbbing sting lasting for up to 12 hours.

Nettles have the most powerful sting (and are the best food) in the spring, so I think of them as a seasonal delight- something to indulge in as much as possible while they’re at their peak, like strawberries or asparagus. I film a few clips with them each year- two of the ones I’m especially pleased with this spring are “latex panties, gloves, and nettles” (on ManyVids and Clips4Sale) and “tongue and uvula stinging nettles” (on ManyVids and Clips4Sale).


huge ginger rhizome with Sharpie marker for scale

Sometimes my produce delivery service brings me absolutely enormous ginger roots, like the one above, so big I took a photo with a Sharpie for scale. Do you think they’re flirting with me? There’s really only one thing to do when you’re given such a huge hand of ginger.

Ginger has been used for burning sensation play for a long long time. This is often called “figging” when peeled ginger is inserted in the asshole, but that term comes from “feaguing,” an inhumane practice of putting ginger or other irritants in horses’ anuses to make them hold their tails high and behave as though they were younger, as a fraudulent tactic for showing and selling them. Among consenting humans, on the other hand, figging is particularly popular in combination with spanking. Clenching around the peeled root causes more intense burning and can add excitement to a spanking.

I find the burn of ginger simply pleasurable in my cunt and ass, and more painful but still enjoyable in my peehole. However, I’ve known people who absolutely couldn’t stand the sensation of urethral ginger!

One of my videos where I focus on playing with ginger is “urethral figging with big ginger root” (on ManyVids and on Clips4Sale). More recently, I made it much worse by adding acupuncture needles through my labia, letting the ginger juice go into the puncture wounds, in “pussy pinned shut around ginger” (on ManyVids and on Clips4Sale).


wasabi rhizome with tiny leaves lying on top of a paper towel

Most wasabi available in the US is just horseradish with food coloring- so I’ve made sure to try both that and authentic wasabi! The real stuff is so much stronger, both in my mouth and in more sensitive places. I have a review of both kinds of green paste in “wasabi comparison” (on ManyVids and Clips4Sale). I filmed it after enjoying some sushi from a restaurant that let me add some of the real stuff to my order for an upcharge, and it really was worth it. The side-by-side comparison was a fun way to be certain!

Later, I was able to indulge my genitals with an even more gourmet experience, when I was sent the kind gift of a fancy wasabi grater and a pair of whole rhizomes, so fresh that the tiny leaves on top were still bursting with life. Wasabi grated mere moments before use is even stronger yet, as you can see in “wasabi in peehole and rubbed into clit” (on ManyVids and on Clips4Sale) and “cervix and clit wasabi” (on ManyVids and on Clips4Sale).

Chile Peppers & Hot Sauce

row of peppers in a gradient from green to red - Photo by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash

The burn of capsaicin is a sensation I return to again and again in my play! Sometimes I keep it simple and fuck myself silly with a chile, but lately, I’ve been enjoying playing with hot sauces. I think one of the reasons I enjoy hot sauces is that viewers have a basis for comparison! Peppers are naturally variable, so when I use those you’re just guessing about the spice level. With commercially available sauces, if you’re curious you could get some and find out for yourself!

So far, I’ve tried Tapatio, Crystal, and Dave’s Insanity Sauce. The last of those had me sobbing, and you can find it in “peehole insanity sauce” (on ManyVids and on Clips4Sale).

Szechuan Peppercorn Oil

bottle of yellow Szechuan peppercorn oil lying on a white plate

Szechuan peppercorns cause the buzzing, slightly numbing spiciness in dishes like mapo tofu and spicy hot pot. They pair well with chile peppers, but they don’t contain capsaicin. Instead, the compound responsible for the peculiar sensation is sanshool. Unlike the rest of this list, Szechuan peppercorns don’t cause pain, but I couldn’t bear to leave them off, because they’re fascinating! The buzz happens because sanshool acts on tactile nerve receptors, and appears to consistently feel like a 50Hz vibration.

After finding Szechuan peppercorn oil in an Asian supermarket, I definitely had to try using it in the bedroom. I have two clips featuring this, and try my best to narrate the sensations. First, there’s “oiling pussy w Szechuan peppercorn oil” (on ManyVids and on Clips4Sale) and then I tried a more intense use, in “clit pumping with Szechuan pepper oil” (on ManyVids and on Clips4Sale).

Safety & Ingredient Considerations

Everyone’s body is different, so as always, even if you were to do things precisely as I do, I wouldn’t be able to promise that it would be safe for you. Here are my tips to reduce the risk level:

Start slowly.

Try just a little bit to start with, and maybe don’t go right for your most sensitive areas! This way, you’ll know how your skin reacts before you dive in.

Avoid sugars.

One of the main risks of playing with food, for people with vaginas, is that sugars can encourage an imbalance in vaginal flora and lead to a yeast infection or similar. Urethral tracts are even more sensitive!

I feel comfortable with using hot sauces made of peppers and vinegar and possibly garlic, but I avoid the ones which contain fruits, honey, sugar, or even carrots. No mango-habanero sauce for my genitals, alas! I’ve never had problems with excess sugars in my bits, and I would prefer not to start.

Have an aftercare plan.

If you’re trying things with your urethra and/or bladder, I think it’s wise to drink plenty of water both before and after. You may even want to get some cranberry extract or D-Mannose capsules to take as a preventative measure. (I don’t think cranberry is effective against a UTI that has already started, but it may help to protect you from one before it starts. Stay away from sugary cranberry juice blends, though- they’re the opposite of helpful.) I have more safety tips about urethral play in another blog post, if you’d like more information on that!

If you’re concerned about vaginal microflora, you might want to have probiotics on hand. Some people also swear by boric acid suppositories. In both of these cases, it’s probably a good plan to try them out in advance, so you know how they work for you before you’re dealing with irritation from other sources.

If capsaicin is part of your plan, hot water will just make it hurt more. Soap helps encapsulate and carry away the oils, but be careful about where you use soap. When I’m planning something silly with hot sauce, I often make sure to have full-fat yogurt with live cultures handy. The fat content helps to remove the capsaicin, and the live cultures mean that I’m adding a probiotic. Not everyone thinks yogurt in the cunt is a good plan, but it seems to work for me!

If you’ll be doing something that may break the skin, like nettles, make sure you keep the area clean afterward. If you have a bidet or sitz bath available, even better!

All of these things take some time to fade- you can’t simply decide you’ve had enough and then make them stop immediately. Thinking about what you’ll do afterward makes for a better experience!

Don’t mess with galangal.

I know, this one’s not like the others.

Galangal is a close relative of ginger, often used alongside ginger in savory Southeast Asian dishes. When browsing through a supermarket, I saw fresh rhizomes and thought it was worth a try- why not, right? Well, it caused lingering skin irritation and swelling, in ways that were more of a hassle than sexy!

I suppose this is a little redundant… because if I had taken the advice I’m giving here, starting slowly rather than putting a slice of galangal directly on my clit, all would have been well!

Have I missed anything?

I wasn’t sure whether to count this, but I did staple lemon slices to myself one time. Does that count? Lemon juice on its own doesn’t hurt, but in a cut or puncture, I notice it!

Have you seen other foods in my videos that you’d like to hear more about?

Are there foods I haven’t tried yet that you’d recommend?

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