Lube Additives for Bladder Filling

Have you seen the absurdly colorful substances I’ve put in my bladder? In a past post, I’ve talked about filling my bladder with lube, but that doesn’t explain why sometimes the fluids I piss out are purple or glittery!

There are a few different things I’ve put in the lube to make it more exciting. None of them are totally without risk- after all, these things aren’t made or tested for use in bladders! However, I haven’t had any ill effects whatsoever. Your body might be different, so make your own risk assessment and go slowly with whatever you choose to try.

Food Coloring

If you can, choose a food coloring without sugars or corn syrup. In my experience, the paste and gel food colorings are the most likely to contain corn syrup. (I found this article about food coloring which confirms what I’ve noticed and discusses why, if I have any curious baking geeks among my readers!)

close-up of drips of blue food coloring next to an open container

Edible Glitter

The glitter I use was made for cocktails and gives a subtle shimmering effect. I chose it because some of the edible glitters made for decorating cakes don’t retain their glittering qualities when they get wet, and simply dissolve.

I used an edible glitter made by Snowy River, which uses pearlescent mica as the shimmery element. It does also have ingredients like spirulina, which could conceivably feed bacteria and lead to a UTI, but I use it in such small quantities that I suspected it would be fine- and so far, it has been.

open container of edible glitter lies on its side on a white saucer, with pale blue glitter spilled beside it


This is likely the safest additive on my list, because it doesn’t contain anything which could feed bacteria and encourage a UTI. It’s possible that it could be somewhat abrasive, though, so I wouldn’t recommend adding it to lube and then relying on the mix to lubricate high-friction activities. After all, charcoal is sometimes added to toothpastes for whitening teeth, and your peehole doesn’t need any whitening!

close-up photo of charcoal powder next to an intact capsule of activated charcoal

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