6 Things to Know About Superglue Bondage

Some people who see my videos where I glue my labia together become very concerned for my safety. Other people simply want to try it themselves, so they ask what they should know before grabbing the glue! I’ve answered briefly on twitter in the past, but these questions are common enough that I think the answers deserve a little more space.

1) Super glue has the same active ingredient as medical glue intended for skin

Super glue (including Krazy Glue and other brand-name varieties) is a name for cyanoacrylate glue. Know what’s also a cyanoacrylate glue? The glue that hospitals use for wound closure when stitches or staples aren’t quite necessary!

Regular superglue isn’t evaluated for skin use and doesn’t have to adhere to the same purity standards as medical products. Additionally, it isn’t sterile, so I wouldn’t really recommend trying to close wounds with it. However, unless you get a brand of glue with an unusual added ingredient, it should be fairly skin-safe.

2) It’s a good idea to remove any hair first

Hairs can act like rebar, making the bond even stronger. Also, when it comes time to remove the superglue, you may have to pull the hair out in order to do so. Especially on the genitals, I believe in leaving waxing to professionals!

3) American Pie 2 lied to you!

Do you remember the scene in the movie American Pie 2 where Jim accidentally uses superglue rather than lubricant while engaging in some self-pleasure? If you take the movie’s word for it, supergluing skin is an emergency that requires medical intervention!

However, like many things in movies, it’s an exaggeration. For one thing, while cyanoacrylate glue bonds do have impressive tensile strength, they’re just not as astounding when it comes to shear strength. This means that superglue will hold tenaciously if you try to pull the glued surfaces directly away from one another, but if you slide them sideways or roll them apart, it’s much easier to break the bond.

I made this video to show you how the glue holds securely if I try to just pull my fingers apart, but I can separate them easily by using my other hand to roll the skin away.

4) Solvents recommended to remove super glue can damage your skin

In the movie, paint thinner was recommended to remove the glue. When Entertainment Weekly interviewed an ER doctor, he suggested using acetone instead.

Both those solvents are quite harsh and drying, though! Especially on delicate skin like around the genitals, I really don’t want to use something like acetone.

5) Oils can also break down cyanoacrylate glues

If you’ve had a wound glued at the hospital, you probably received aftercare instructions telling you not to use antibiotic ointments. You might also have noticed that in the interview with the ER doctor, he suggested using Neosporin rather than acetone if you get superglue near your eyes. Neosporin and other antibiotic ointments are in a petroleum jelly base, and they break down cyanoacrylate glues not because of their active ingredients but just because they’re greasy!

Personally, rather than using a petroleum jelly ointment, I usually reach for coconut oil. That way, rather than leaving my skin dry and irritated like it might be after acetone, I can make sure that my skin is supple and moisturized when I finish playing. I’ve filmed a video showing how well coconut oil works to break down the glue, which you can watch for free on PornHub!

Soaking in warm water can also really help loosen superglue, so a hot bath might be an even better aftercare plan than usual.

6) I’ve glued my pussy shut & you can watch the videos!

Perhaps this is enough information, and it’s time for the entertainment? Okay!

I’ve put these in reverse order (most recent first) because I’m especially excited about the clip I just released!

video thumbnail for "superglue and tacks - no pussy only pain"

superglue and tacks – no pussy only pain

available on ManyVids and Clips4Sale

I sealed my labia shut with Krazy Glue again, making my genitals featureless and smooth- but this time, I started by using nipple clamps to spread my labia wide open and applying flesh-tone medical tape over my holes. The strip of tape held tacks with cruelly long pointy ends, so that in order to glue my labia together, I had to press them into the tacks. I tried using my hitachi magic wand vibrator over my useless cunt, but it was no good, it only hurt. Then I gave my poor pussy a thorough spanking, counting each blow as they pressed my labia into the sharp thumbtacks. I counted down, in case you’d like to use my whimpers and yelps as a cum countdown and savor every slap. If you did, it would make my suffering feel more worthwhile!

superglued labia and inflatable toy

available on ManyVids and Clips4Sale

I put an inflatable plug in my cunt, used krazy glue to seal my labia around it, and then started pumping. Once I felt full, I wanted to cum and tried to use a vibrator, but no matter how firmly I pressed it into my flesh, my clit just wasn’t receiving enough sensation. After I gave up on cumming, I inflated the toy in my pussy larger and larger, until it hurt, then larger still, until it broke my glued lips apart and I painfully pushed it out of my cunt. I held the plug up to show you just how big it had gotten inside me, then spread my pussy to show you my sore hole.

video thumbnail for "superglued labia and inflatable toy" showing bottle of krazy glue and the base of a black silicone inflatable plug
video thumbnail for "pussy glued shut with huge toy inside"

pussy glued shut with huge toy inside

available on ManyVids and Clips4Sale

I’ve played with super glue before, but this time I had a new idea! First, I shoved a toy into my cunt that’s about the size of my fist- it’s the Tantus Tex, and it’s over 9 inches around. Then, I carefully applied krazy glue to my labia and pressed them together, stretched around the base of the toy to seal it into my pussy. With gloved hands, I spent a little time feeling my new “blank nothing” as a fan of a past super glue video described my changed genitals. I was feeling very full, and wanted to cum, so I reached for my Hitachi magic wand and spent a frustrating few minutes trying to feel anything as I rubbed it over the smooth blank space where my pussy should be. When I was thoroughly frustrated and teased, I set the vibrator aside and started trying to push the toy out, pitting my cunt muscles against the strength of the krazy glue on my labia. You’ll hear me yelp as my pussy lips pull away from each other, and then see me birth the giant toy! Finally I have access to my clit and can make myself cum. I think my creamy pussy forgave me for tormenting it by the end of the clip, don’t you?

glued shut with pumped clit

available on ManyVids and Clips4Sale

Ever think that it might be fun if my genitals consisted of a massive and intensely suckable pumped clit, a small tube that constantly leaks piss, and absolutely nothing else? If I’m not the only one with thoughts like that, here’s the clip for you! You’ll see me insert a small foley catheter in my huge stretched urethra, inflate the retention balloon, begin pumping my clit, and glue my pussy lips closed with veterinary cyanoacrylate adhesive so that only the cath and the pump cylinder stick out. When my clit is as swollen and large as I want it, I take the pump off and leave the catheter open to drip all over me. It trickles continuously as I play with my clit, first rubbing with my fingers and then using a vibrator. I cum really hard with my newly remodeled genitals- can you see me twitching, even with my labia fused together?

thumbnail for "filled and glued shut" - a gloved hand applies krazy glue to labia, with a catheter peeking out at the bottom

filled and glued shut

available on ManyVids and Clips4Sale

My masturbation just gets weirder and weirder, and this time I set myself up to be stuck having orgasm after orgasm even if I was about ready to stop- literally stuck, using superglue!

I put in a foley catheter and let piss gush all over my cunt. Then I added more sensation by inserting a curved vibrator in my stretched peehole as well, and turned it on so that I had vibrations from my clit all the way to my bladder. I secured the vibrator buzzing in my sensitive urethra by gluing my pussy lips together over it using krazy glue. This video is trimmed down so that you’ll see me cum over and over again, but much of the time between orgasms has been taken out, because I spent a long while glued shut and didn’t want the clip to be that lengthy! I could add a little sensation by pressing on my featureless crotch, but I couldn’t touch myself directly. I think you’ll hear in my voice and moans how maddening that was!

Finally, I hit a point where I was desperate for more sensation and more penetration, so I tore my labia away from one another (you’ll hear me yelping as I do!) took the vibrator out, and grabbed the hitachi for my clit. Even that powerful vibrator wasn’t enough to satiate me, so next I started fucking myself with a glass dildo as well. I love how the dildo in my cunt rubs against the catheter in my peehole, trapping my g-spot in between them!

After an even stronger orgasm than the ones before it, I decide that I’m finished, put the toys away, and let the pee flow from the catheter all over my still-twitching pussy before I take it out.

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  1. I’d love to hear about its affects on clits, if it can be used to desensitize friction, sex, etc. And if you have used this for this purpose successfully.

  2. Thank you for that blog post! I was very curious about playing around with superglue, but wasn’t sure if it could be done in a sane manner.

    This gives me enough confidence to start carefully experimenting with this.

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