Why is Endoscopy Sexy?

This post originally written in June of 2021

Why is it so fascinating and arousing to look inside someone?

I love getting to indulge my curiosity, but even more than that, I really get off on being able to finally match the sensation I’ve been enjoying to what that part of my body looks like in the moment. Watching my bladder sphincter stretch open to accept a toy is such a hot accompaniment to feeling it happen!

My “endoscopes”

I don’t have a proper endoscope intended for medical use; they’re quite expensive. Instead, I have two flexible automotive inspection cameras (the second was an upgrade because it’s higher resolution than the first one I bought) and a rifle borescope.

an automotive inspection camera is pointed up toward the viewer while a smaller borescope lies flat on the grey background surface

The automotive inspection cameras focus best when they’re a couple inches away, so I use them for things like giving a good close-up view of my cervix. You can see inspection camera footage in many of the gyno videos I post, but my current favorite of them is “hollow plug screwed into cervix” which is on both ManyVids and Clips4Sale.

The rifle borescope focuses much closer to the camera, so I’ve found it great for looking at the inside of my urethra and even putting all the way into my bladder. It was the perfect tool to combine with a hollow glass dildo- you can also see that on ManyVids and on Clips4Sale!

When I first received the borescope, I kicked myself a little, because I hadn’t read the description closely enough to realize that there was no mention of it being waterproof… because it isn’t. After trying several ideas for solutions, what I’ve settled on as the best solution is to wrap it with strong cling film. The plastic wrap is visible in a few of my videos, if you’ve been wondering what that was!

Where I’ve looked & future plans

So far, I’ve looked in my cunt, inside my urethra and bladder, and down my throat. Sometime soon I want to make a video that’s a tour of the inside of my ass. I’ve tried a few times to use the borescope to get video all the way inside my uterus, but sadly, it hasn’t quite worked yet. I plan to keep trying, though!

still from video showing bladder sphincter opening

What would you want to look inside with an endoscope?

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