How Can Inserting Objects into the Bladder be Safe?

This post was originally written in September of 2021 and lightly revised in September of 2022.

I’ve written about my bladder filling kink, but that post only talks about filling my bladder with liquids. Wouldn’t it be sexy to insert solid objects all the way into the bladder?

a white plate is piled high with translucent green gelatin eggs in three different sizes

Many people have told me about their fantasies of seeing marbles or similar go into my bladder.

Originally, I just didn’t think this was a good idea. Even if the object was small enough to go through my bladder sphincter easily, would it go through as easily as pee, or would the pee simply flow around it and leave the object stuck inside? And if it was something that could float, I’d have even lower odds of getting it out again! An object retained inside my bladder could provide a place for bacteria to grow, causing recurring urinary tract infections and needing to be removed surgically. That really did not sound like a good time to me!

But what if the objects could melt or dissolve?

The first thing I tried in this arena was getting an ice tray that makes small spheres. Rather than filling it with water, I filled it with X Lube and tinted it with food coloring. You can see the results in my video “pissing slimy balls of frozen blue lube” on ManyVids or on Clips4Sale! I’ve also tried freezing my own piss and putting it back in my bladder, because why not, right? If you’d like to see me finger myself with a “hand” made of icy piss and then break off the fingers to put them into my bladder, you can also find “piss frozen inside a glove” on ManyVids or Clips4Sale.

The trouble with using ice, though, is that it tends to melt very quickly once it’s floating around in body-temperature pee! I also found that chilling my bladder sphincter makes it more difficult to get things into my bladder. Just like with muscles when exercising, I think “warming up” is partly literal- things need good blood flow in order to loosen up and stretch safely. Additionally, sometimes I managed to numb my urethra enough while inserting ice that I couldn’t feel when ice was about to shoot out unexpectedly. That was a bit ridiculous!

Then, just this week, I tried gelatin eggs.

I got into this because of a custom video. My kind benefactor had a complex request, and was very thoughtful about allowing extra time and sending a tip to cover the supplies I would need. For me, this is a really delightful way to try out a new kink, and I really like when it means I get a clearer view into what turns someone on, especially if they’ve been buying videos for a while.

(If you’d like to guide me through trying out a new kink, let’s talk about it! You can check out my order form for customs here, and then drop me a note either on ManyVids or through my contact form so that we can discuss it before you order.)

small sphere, medium egg, and large sphere molds from Primal Hardwere

Here are the molds that made the eggs at the top of the post. They’re the small sphere, medium egg, and large sphere molds from Primal Hardwere. Only the small ones went into my bladder, though… the larger ones were for stuffing into my cunt.

For the most part, I followed the directions on the Primal Hardwere site for making the eggs. However, when it says to sprinkle the powder into cold water while stirring, I found that I was better off omitting the stirring, because it seemed to introduce air and contribute to a lot of foam in the finished gelatin. My first batch of eggs had so much spongy, rubbery foam that I decided to melt them down and try again, rather than use them. That’s a very nice aspect of gelatin, though: as long as you don’t let it boil, you can re-heat it and re-mold it several times.

Okay, but is this really safe?

Well, no, not entirely- there are risks to any urethral or bladder play! However, my body seems to tolerate it just fine, and I’m comfortable that I won’t get anything stuck inside, because the gelatin melts at body temperature.

I certainly wouldn’t use gelatin with flavorings or sugar added, of course.

Do you think this is as fun and sexy as I do?

There’s just something about the slippery messiness that makes me want to do silly things with it- and I love when my sex has a goofy element to it!

If you want to watch, the first clip I posted where I played with this idea was “bladder eggs and ruined orgasms” (available on ManyVids and on Clips4Sale) and you can search for more on both platforms.

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